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VGL Tube

Selling VGL tubes from us PT. Nisson Indonesia in Tangerang. We are suppliers and distributors of VGL Tubes selling VGL Tubes of various types and sizes. The VGL (Liquid Gas Vessel) cylinder is a type of very high pressure cryogenic cylinder. VGL cylinders are used to store and transport low temperature cryogenic liquid gases such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon and Carbon dioxide liquid gases. VGL tube capacity of 150 Liters and above, where the output can be in the form of gas or liquid. Selling VGL tubes with the following types:
1. High Pressure VGL Tube, used for 24 Bar output applications. Usually used for Argon and Carbon dioxide gas liquid storage.
2. VGL Medium Pressure Tubes, used for 13 Bar output applications. Usually used for storage of liquid gas Nitrogen and Oxygen.
Looking for cheap VGL tube prices? Contact us now who provides various types of VGL tubes for your industrial needs.

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