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CO2 Gas Tube

Selling CO2 Gas Cylinders. PT. Nisson Indonesia sells CO2 gas cylinders of various types, sizes, the best quality & competitive prices for all shipments throughout Indonesia. CO2 gas cylinders are tubes to store CO2 gas which is widely used in industry. CO2 gas or carbon dioxide gas is one of the important gases on earth because this gas is an important part of the carbon cycle that underlies many life mechanisms such as when released during breathing and is also used by plants for photosynthesis. The characteristics of carbon dioxide gas are colorless and odorless. Various industries use CO2 gas such as the Metallurgy industry (Cryoforming, Inerting, Heat Treating, Welding), Paper Industry (Paper Washing, pH Control in the process of making paper), Chemistry and Petrochemicals (Purging, Injecting), Agriculture and others.

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