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PT. Nisson Indonesia (Banten, Indonesia)

PT. Nisson Indonesia is a company engaged in the distribution of industrial and medical gas cylinders. We are direct importers of gas tube factories and distribute to agents and distributors in Indonesia for subsequent use for the gas industry and medical needs.
In addition to the high-pressure gas cylinders, PT Nisson Indonesia also provides ancillary equipment / spare parts such as faucet tube (valve), trolley for transport tubes. Medical regulators, and so on.
Along with the economic development in Indonesia and rising demand for industrial and medical gases, in 2015, PT Nisson Indonesia also began to provide the needs for charging gas companies and medical industry such as Cryogenic Tank, Pump, Vaporizer, Pipes, Taps (Valve).
We also work with some of the gas company to meet the needs of industrial and medical gases in accordance with customer demand.


Menyediakan produk berkualitas dengan harga terbaik


Selalu Berinovasi Menghadirkan Produk Tebaru dan Berkualitas dengan Harga Terbaik


Kami PT. Nisson Indonesia sebagai distributor dan supplier menyediakan berbagai kebutuhan Tabung Gas Medis & Industry , Kran Gas dan Regulator Medis  terlengkap di Indonesia 


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